Jen has been remarkably consistent in her drive, her desire to get things right, and her care for those around her. She gladly offers her time to help those around her grow and develop. She’s patient with questions, thorough in her responses, and genuinely cares about making those around her better at what they do. She wants to empower those around her with the knowledge, tools, and experiences that can help them, that can make them better, and she does her best to make that happen. If presented with a problem Jen will find a solution. Her tenacity is second to none. She’ll ask good questions, offer insight, and listen – truly listen – to the feedback of others.

If a project was intricate or a huge undertaking, Jen was the first person to volunteer. You could see the wheels already turning with solutions to problems that no one wanted to tackle. Something I admire most is that she has always been someone that is open to transfer knowledge to people willing and wanting to grow. She implemented many tools and developed reporting to help the company scale at a rapid rate. Once a tool was selected, she would become the expert and then train everyone else to use it. We moved at a fast pace, and she worked long hours to help everyone keep up and succeed.

Having worked with Jen on a number of high-level projects that demanded a wide swath of expertise and talents to execute properly, I can confidently say I've never met anyone who I can lean on so reliably when my own skills as a Sr. Data Analyst aren't enough. Jen is a one-woman army who can take any project thrown at her and no matter how new of a concept or how far along in the project we were, she could adapt and become an expert seemingly overnight and often was the "spark" that rallied together people and projects that had hit a wall and stalled and not only saw them through to completion, but also independently took on the task to fix and streamline any other hurdles that might prevent success even after we hand off the completed work. I can think of no better way to describe her than "terrifyingly competent" at any task she sets her sights on.

Forrest Gordon

I have worked with Jen Blondo for a few years now and I can honestly say that it is apparent to even those that have indirect work experience with her that she is a natural born leader and exceptionally talented in building, running, and improving a business from the inside out. Not only does she have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to business, accounting, and technology, but she also exudes great character and orients her actions and decisions towards what is right and what is best for all involved, whether that is customers, employees, the company, or the work itself. I would strongly recommend her for any company that is looking for a hardworking, loyal, and intelligent person to grow their business into the best it can be.

I have worked along side and for Jen for over 10 years now. She is a constant professional, great mentor and skilled team member. Jen and I worked together to revamp our Customer Communications center, she laid out a fantastic plan, set achievable goals and mentored me through turnover and constant change. I have learned an incredible amount from Jen and appreciate her guidance, vision and impact on my career overall.

I know if there is a new process or procedure that needs to be implemented, Jen is who I can count on to help me make that idea a reality. Her innovation and efficiency skills have helped get our company from $13M in 2016 to $50M in 2021. Without her hard work and dedication, the integration of our 14 bolt-on companies would have been extremely difficult and probably unorganized. She takes time out of her day to work with me one on one when I need it to teach me how to read reports, navigate and use new applications, and help me understand areas of the business I am not yet familiar with. I have learned so many of my excel and business planning skills directly from Jen! She is truly one of the hardest working people I have ever met. I can reach out for help at any given time, and she is always there to answer my questions, or complete a task in a quick and knowledgeable way. She is a great team player and truly cares about the people at work and the company advancing.

I have worked with Jen for 5 years now and had the pleasure of reporting to Jennifer for just over 1 year. In that time, she provided the most hands on development and training that I have received from any other manager. The best part was that she not only developed me in my role at the time, but also for my future goals which then allowed me to quickly be promoted to a Director role. Jennifer has and abundance of skills and is one of the most detail oriented, organized, and strategic thinkers that I have ever met. However, her drive, passion, and willingness to learn and grow sets her apart from most. Once you add her dedication to developing mid-level managers, she’s unlike any other.

While Jen is very passionate about developing others, she is twice as passionate and hard working when it comes to her own work. Her drive to do better and be better is unbelievable. Her fierce focus on the task at hand, outstanding ability to see problems from all angles and her innate desire for everyone to succeed and do everything she can to ensure everyone succeeds is hard to pass up.

Jen is sharp as a tack and unmatched in her ability to decipher and comprehend substantial amounts of information at one time. She is meticulous in her analyzation of data as accuracy and integrity are of the utmost importance to her.