Our Mission


Key Process Partners has a mission to create wealth for women and minorities


We help our clients… 

We have diverse clientele, but we especially enjoy helping women-owned or minority-owned businesses! There is a wealth gap among women and minorities, and access to valuable business knowledge and experience can be more difficult to attain. We aim to close that gap!


We develop our employees… 

We also create a work environment that is friendly to women and minorities! We are a deliberately-developmental organization and encourage our employees to have ambitious career goals. We provide training and development to help our team members:


Start their own business in any industry


Gain valuable skills to become a business executive and lead a team of people if they prefer traditional employment


Become a member of an organization’s Board of Directors—women and minorities are underrepresented on Boards!

We partner with the community… 

We engage with organizations that promote our values of supporting women and minorities

We give back…

We make financial donations and in-kind donations to non-profit organizations that support and create opportunities for women and minorities