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Key Process Partners  provides coaching and accounting services for organizations with ambitious growth goals.

What We Do
At Key Process PARTNERS

Key Process Partners works with businesses and organizations looking to grow their revenue and profit, and increase their financial fluency. Our clients have a growth mindset and are looking for a strategic partner to systemize their operations as they scale. Founder Jen Blondo started the company to share her business operations knowledge based on her years of experience as the #2 at a service company that grew from $13m to $55m in 5 years, closing 15 acquisitions and doubling the profit margin.


Our mission at Key Process Partners is to create wealth for women and minorities. We achieve this through multiple avenues—helping clients, developing our employees, community partnerships and financial giving.


5 reasons our clients hire us

Concrete deliverables within 90 days

High-level credentialed accounting professionals

Increase your financial fluency to give your business more independence

Strategic partner to drive your ambitious goals

Create wealth and leadership opportunities for women and minorities


Coaching Services

Getting Started

“Jen has been remarkably consistent in her drive, her desire to get things right, and her care for those around her. She gladly offers her time to help those around her grow and develop. She’s patient with questions, thorough in her responses, and genuinely cares about making those around her better at what they do. She wants to empower those around her with the knowledge, tools, and experiences that can help them, that can make them better, and she does her best to make that happen. If presented with a problem Jen will find a solution. Her tenacity is second to none. She’ll ask good questions, offer insight, and listen – truly listen – to the feedback of others.”

Dan Abbott