We’re Hiring!


Our mission at Key Process Partners is to create wealth for women and minorities. We achieve this through multiple avenues—helping clients, developing our employees, community partnerships and financial giving.

Key Process Partners is a deliberately-developmental organization and we encourage our employees and their ambitious career goals. We provide training and development, particularly in the financial arena, to help our team members:


Start their own business in any industry


Gain valuable skills to become a business executive and lead a team of people if they prefer traditional employment


Become a member of an organization’s Board of Directors—women and minorities are underrepresented on Boards!


5 reasons our clients hire us


Concrete deliverables within 90 days


High-level credentialed accounting professionals


Increase your financial fluency to give your business more independence


Strategic partner to drive your ambitious goals


Create wealth and leadership opportunities for women and minorities

KPP is looking for qualified CPA and MBA individuals who are interested in joining our team!

Please fill out an inquiry on our Contact Us page for more information.

I have worked with Jen for 5 years now and had the pleasure of reporting to Jen for just over 1 year. In that time, she provided the most hands-on development and training that I have received from any other manager. The best part was that she not only developed me in my role at the time, but also for my future goals which then allowed me to quickly be promoted to a Director role. Jennifer has an abundance of skills and is one of the most detail-oriented, organized, and strategic thinkers that I have ever met. However, her drive, passion, and willingness to learn and grow sets her apart from most. Once you add her dedication to developing mid-level managers, she’s unlike any other.

Haley Damron