Software Solutions


As part of your consulting services package, you may be interested in implementing new technology tools to help your business become more efficient or to enhance your experience. The KPP team is able to help you choose a solution, decide how and when to implement it, handle all of the details of the rollout, and train your users on how to use it. They will work directly with the software company as a liaison, freeing up your time and reducing the mental load of rolling out a new tool!

Many companies use these tools in their business, and KPP will help you select what works for you and to integrate these tools faster and easier using their knowledge of best practices.


Finance and Accounting

Quick Books

Bookkeeping, invoicing, payment processing, financial reporting

Microsoft Dynamics for Finance & Operations

Financial system for medium- to enterprise-sized companies


Invoicing, accounts receivable management


Accounts payable management


Create and pay bills, send invoices and get paid


Company credit card, expense management

Productivity Solutions


Project Management, workflow automation


Project Management, Task Management

Cognito Forms

Form Builder, Data Management

Talent Management & Employee Engagement

Applicant Pro

Job Posting, Recruiting

Criteria Corp

New Hire Assessments, Personality Assessments


Peer-to-peer recognition, employee engagement


Payroll processing, benefits management, recruiting, performance management


Payroll processing, benefits management, recruiting, performance management

Other Solutions


Pest control marketing software


Fleet management, GPS


Data & Analytics

If a project was intricate or a huge undertaking, Jen was the first person to volunteer. You could see the wheels already turning with solutions to problems that no one wanted to tackle. Something I admire most is that she has always been someone that is open to transfer knowledge to people willing and wanting to grow. She implemented many tools and developed reporting to help the company scale at a rapid rate. Once a tool was selected, she would become the expert and then train everyone else to use it. We moved at a fast pace, and she worked long hours to help everyone keep up and succeed.

Ashley Heavrin